2024 Travers Poster

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Regal and jewel-like, this saddle and stirrup show the age-old connection between human and horse. It is the way they make us fly. Simple, strong, elegant. Racing fans everywhere recognize this tidy mounting as the throne in the sport of kings.

This poster is the 39th in the longest-running series of its kind in racing history. 


Production Details: This is the 39th poster in The Colors of Racing poster series.
17" x 33" (43.2 cm x 83.8 cm) Limited Edition
(The Travers/Saratoga posters are never reprinted)
Paper: McCoy 80 lb. dull cover - FSC Responsible Forestry Certified
Inks: Five colors plus off-line varnish
Typeface: Adobe Garamond
Printer: Snyder Printing, Inc., Troy, NY